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We Mend Together – one menditation, one conversation at a time.

Together we open our hearts and focus our minds with guided meditation and contemplation. We  share in guided meditation to take us on a mending journey for body, heart, mind and soul.

RETREATS at the beautiful Kripalu Center in Mass:

       December 23-25 and December 28-30

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Details are on the way! Email us with questions and design ideas.

We hope you participate and benefit from this experience. If you can, try to come back here daily and listen to the weekly guided meditation. To support your practice you may want to write reflections in a journal, share with a friend and also choose meaningful affirmations and use it often. Using affirmations a few times daily is a great reminder of your mending attitude.

All are welcome to enjoy this practice. Please comment below about your experience or send us an email with questions and to schedule time for personal mentoring. We hope mendful is enjoyable and meaningful. Email: HearAwake at gmail.

Welcome to the Mendful Path Guided Meditation

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RETREATS: Join us at the beautiful Kripalu Center in Mass for a retreat:   December 23-25 and December 28-30.

Mending Thinking Mind


(3 minutes)

Guided Meditation

(13 minutes)

Mending Beliefs & Connection to Spirit


(3 minutes)

Guided Meditation

(13 minutes)

Mending with Forgiveness

Guided Meditation and Introduction

Next: Mending Heart of Community 

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Stay Connected. We Mend Together

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankel

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