We Mend Together

Our  mission: INSPIRE and teach Mendful and connected living. cultivate and spread the Mendful mindset and method in ourselves and in our society.

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We offer mendful path methods, strategies and inspirations. We learn together in retreats, gatherings, mentoring and mendful conversations forums. (All offerings are virtual since 2020.)

We create mendful zones, share guided meditations and inspirations and gather to converse and mend.  We facilitate and teach how to create mendful zones for mendful conversations in our retreats, groups, and mentoring program. Together we learn and practice ways to connect deeply within ourselves and each other as we mend the ties and peace within us and between us.

Meet Sigal, the creator of Mendful Path Method. She is a spiritual and life mentor, rabbi, visual artist, musician, organizational psychologist, yogini and meditator. She created Mendful to bring us together and connect with mending conversations. She inspires and guides us with her teaching, guided experiences, writing and art.

Disconnects and sense of separation from each other and the world have to be attended to now. We live in cultural bubbles. Much of life today is mediated on impersonal apps. Many of us forgot the benefits of and how to connect in meaningful ways with others. We are not in touch with the joy and fulfillment we find in engaging unedited, flowing, spontaneous, deep and caring conversations. There is an ever growing polarization in societies causing us to have a diminishing ability to converse, empathize, be authentic and connect. We are quick to criticize, state our opposing beliefs and argue, while we are slow to open our minds and hearts to listen and reconcile.

Without conversing with the intention to mend, calling each other out of our isolation and resistance, it will get worse. Granted, it can be difficult to open and share with people we disagree with, dislike, or who have wronged us, we must reconnect. Why? Because it’s dangerous to avoid listening as it perpetuates societal divides; growing animosity and unhealthy tribalism. And, our own health and ability to enjoy peace and freedom is compromised.”  Rabbi Sigal

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