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We all need “me” time to mend. Lean back into the mystery and enjoy a daily reset with this guided meditation.

Listen: Guided Meditation (10 minutes)

I suggest practicing daily for best results. To support your practice you may want to write reflections in a journal, choose meaningful affirmations, a few positive words, and repeat them often during the day. Using affirmations a few times daily is a great reminder of your mending intentions and supports the body-mind in finding peace and calm in turbulent times. I hope the practices infuse your life  with joy, peace and meaning.  Blessings, Sigal

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As human beings, disappointment, loss, and heartbreak and stress are inevitable, but they don’t have to be insurmountable: these disconnects can be mended from the inside out. Learn how to access the wellspring within, so you can skillfully navigate stress, cope with adversity, bounce back, and thrive.

With Mendful Path Practices you build a foundation of trust and safety in the body-mind, releasing doubt and fear to make room for new possibilities. Through guided meditation and transformative conversations you will learn skills to feeling more connected, empowered, and peaceful, with a path to living with greater self-love, compassion, and care.

About Guided Practice: We open our hearts and focus our minds with guided meditation and contemplation. Guided meditations help us journey the mendful path with body, heart, mind and soul.

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